Some Love from the French Television. I Think.

My dear friends Alice and Antoine, proprietors of the fabulous Maison Saman in Les Molières, just outside Paris, have recently received some much deserved recognition for their spectacularly beautiful studio.

This came in the form of a lengthy profile in a television show about… cool and beautiful French stuff? Who knows. They’re speaking French and they look amazing and not furious or confused.

Anyway… a couple months ago they had a mini exhibition at their studio and I was lucky enough to have some of my work featured.

The two of them retained their favourite of my shots (also one of my personal favourites) and it currently features prominently in Maison Saman’s lounge. Or maybe it’s a bathroom and all French rooms just look this plush and comfortable.

A screenshot of my couple seconds of fame. Via “Last Thing That Took You”

As Antoine and the presenter, who I assume is some kind of beloved art/design/pastry specialist walk through Maison Saman, this shot of mine can be seen.



And since I’ve never even been close to being on the television and this is probably the proudest moment of my life, I will show you now all the times my photograph was featured.

Antoine is obscenely handsome yes.
So many viewers could be forgiven for not
having a look over his left shoulder.
Here they are pointing in the direction of my photo.
I don’t understand anything they are saying.
They could be talking about anything from the furniture
to something only they can see happening through the window.
That light fitting tho. I want it.
I dunno where I’d put it. But I’d love to know that
I own something that perfect and yellow.
Things got deep here.
Or not.

Anyway… if you’re ever in Paris and you want to buy furniture so beautiful you’d never even consider sitting or placing a G&T on it, check out my beautiful friends’ studio.

Also… if you’d like to buy a canvas wrap of Last Thing That Took You, for yourself or a gift… click here to get to my store.

Have a nice day everyone, sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted.

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  1. Your photo looks fabulous in this house!
    Next step: Arles Photography Festival in France!!

    Wish you the best, 😉

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